11/07/2013 14:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Escape To Stockholm To Get The Lastest Scandi Fashion Fix

With the British high street increasingly resembling its Swedish counterpart - minus the intimidating presence of all those frighteningly attractive fellow shoppers - schlepping up to Stockholm to stock your wardrobe might seem a fool's errand. For the savvy connoisseur of Scandi minimalism, however, the fact that hip Swedish brands like Cheap Monday and Monki have gained a foothold with London's cool kids - not to mention the Viking-like incursion of budget behemoth H&M and its soft-spoken sister Cos - merely promises still greater sartorial spoils yet to emigrate across the North Sea.

Stockholm's Hotel Skeppsholmen is banking on the continuing British fascination with all things skinny-cut and Swedish with the launch of a weekend package specifically aimed at Scandophilic stylehunters. The 'Love Fashion' deal includes a welcome set of suitably simple underwear from Swedish label Bread and Boxers, the all-important glass of champagne, and, most usefully, a city map pointing out the must-visit 'hoods and hang-outs for the student of the Stockholm style. Expect to find yourself rubbing shoulders with the blonde and healthy-looking set in the snazzy Östermalm district, and making notes on the finer points of indie, Scandi vintage etiquette amid the second hand boutiques of scenester-friendly SoFo (south of Folkkungagatan).

Hotel Skeppsholmen's 'Love Fashion' deal will set you back £160 per night, a weekend BA flight from London to Stockholm another £130. As for the inevitable Fillipa K or Acne splurge, well, that's between you and your bank manager.