11/07/2013 18:42 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Fashion Fail: Kerry Katona's Cut-Out Jumpsuit And Crimped Hair

The term 'car crash couture' could have been coined by Kerry Katona's comeback stage outifit at Pride in Birmingham this weekend.

We're not particularly into fashion-bashing here at MyDaily, but some things go so disastrously wrong that it's almost impossible not to comment.


Where to start? We'll try and detail the crimes in an ordered list. Here we go:

1 Skintight spandex jumpsuits are not a good look on anyone - unless you're Sandy in Grease.

2 The cutout panels are flashing a little too much flesh.

3 The bust tassels are an unnecessary enhancement to an already ample cleavage.

4 Heeled trainers are just wrong.

5 Crimped hair should be left where it began: in the 80s and on your Doll's World.

What do you think of Kerry's comeback look? Leave your thoughts below...

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