11/07/2013 16:05 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Fashion Priest At London Fashion Week: Day Two Of Fashion Scout

On the second day He rose again, and what better way for the Holy Father of Fashion to start the than Bellinis at the ME Hotel penthouse bar to predict the Woolmark Prize winner.

ban xiao xue woolmark prize

Flown in from across the globe, the six finalist's collections were all merino wooltastic. The first to catch my eye was Ban Xue's multi layered mix 'n' max fabric delight. Inspired by dance legend Pina Bausch and the origins of live on earth, I floated away feeling tres esoteric. Christian Wijnants' three dimensional divine hand knit creations molded to a woman's every curve. Molding to the shape and Panka & Nidhi brought the color of palette with them for visual and textural explosion. Before absolving one half of P&N of wearing stone washed baggy jeans for most of his youth, I blessed all finalists before being whisked back to the Freemason's Hall for Fashion Scout AW 2013 part two.


First on the morning list was Yifang Wan. Through the blazing heat of the lights, I air kissed the latex body suit queen Pandemonia, chit chatted to Pia Zadora's daughter Kady D about her new single and extracted her #confashion of chequered fuchsia leggings hidden deep in her wardrobe. For shame. One of the X FactorTimes Red boys (soon to be strutting their stuff in GQ magazine) confessed to having shaved "Nike" into the side of his head at age 11. Just don't do it.

Yifang Wan was all crouching tiger hidden divine with moss green and aubergine trouser suits with cutting edge martial arts inspired tails and arms. Shuriken accessories were the icing on a very well cut cake.

In the Ones to Watch we were presented with a toreador Christmas elf fusion by Yeashin, pick 'n' mix fabrics at Patrick Li and absolution fabulous tassel mania at Yulia Kondranina. Yulia, if you're reading, send that floor length fringe jacket my way.

Things started to go unholy when Fashion Scout interns started booting press out of #FRow. Swiftly dealt with after a Naomi Campbellesque strop, I warmed my rightful position. Nobody puts baby in the corner!

Dans la Vie was a divine triumph, with reptile chic taking over. Her lizard gill coat trim with latex thigh highs was one of my LFW AW most Godly moments.

carlotta actis barone4

Next up was Carlotta Actis Barone's roaring 40s glam Lauren Bacall babes followed swiftly by cowboy Dallas glam Zeynep Tosun. With blaring Nico Vega, mustard and rust silky high neck ruffles and the most superb leather wild west boots I have seen out of Nashville, I was in heaven.

After a sci-fi cloak and dagger oriental explosion at Bernard Chandra show I raced to the press lounge and Campari bar.

ashley isham1

Before Ashley Isham, I bumped into long lost model legend Sophie Anderton, looking a vision in Alaia and Daniel Blake, tight and taut from a week long ten hour a day boot camp. Sweet baby Jesus, better you than me. Quick swig of Vita Coco to revive me for the last show. A Jodie Harsh soundtrack drove us through a Logan's Run inspired masquerade ball. There's another world
outside! I've seen it, and there's a lot of latex!

See all the highlights below: