11/07/2013 15:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

FASHION PRIEST: The Seven Deadly Sins Of Kanye West

Fashion Priest is forgiving of those who make the occasional sartorial slip-up but in the case of Kanye West he cannot ignore his seven deadly style sins. Let us pray...

kanye west seven deadly sins

Praise be Yeezy! But alas, condemnation too. When Kanye climbed aboard the Kardashian Express, he forgot to pack his matching Moncrief luggage. Now he's sat in cattle class staring at the plebs(ish). We can't deny his platinum-selling status. And his humility is not in question: here's a man who threatened to change his name to "Martin Louis The King Jr." in honor of his Louis Vuitton sneaker collab. But none of this can atone for these Seven Deadly Sins...

First off, the Mirt (1). Kanye regularly attempts, and fails, with the man-skirt. Time to grow up and grow some balls. Then cover them up with some smartly tailored trousers.

Why do super-celebs think they have a God-like ability to transform the hideous into the heavenly? See exhibit (2) Mullet or (4) the Shutter Shades. More like shudder shades! I had a quiet word with him over a glass of Cristal at Revel before his NYE shows in 2012. Bless him, he was so mortified that he masked his embarrassment in his own crystal encrusted Margiela (5) way.

His fashion lines have often missed the mark. The giant wooky fur rucksack from his DW Collection (6) was simply beastly. Giving Lassie a piggyback is rarely a good look.

Whilst his FRow attire is oft times off-point: space suits and skeleton hoodies (3) are just some of his pantomime favourites. And talking of fancy dress, two wrongs never make a right when Kimye (7), the fashion monster from the deep, steps onto the red carpet. A two-headed beast of sartorial nastiness, guaranteed to have the paps screaming for help. Saints preserve us.