11/07/2013 19:16 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Fashion Priest Vs Tulisa And Her Skinny Jeans Look


Tulisa Contostavlos was spotted earlier today leaving the Radio One studios in London wearing a leather jacket, skinny jeans and her hair in a mid-level ponytail. Wondering which aspects of the outfit annoyed resident fashion critic, Fashion Priest? Try ALL OF IT:

"Hold the crucifix-shaped phone! Are those jeans (shudder) bootcut? I'm highly alarmed by all of these skinny(ish) jeans I've been seeing around town. To all of those seeking fashion salvation, please note, fashion is about COMMITMENT, people. I want jeans so skinny you can't sit down.

"If Jesus wore a crown of thorns (chic) for you then you can definitely afford to go a little tighter for HIM. I'm looking at you Miss Contostavlos.

"That mid-level pony is killing me. I can't even talk about it right now I'm so livid. Oh, and take off those shoes. The only Bow I want to hear about ends in TOX."

Wow - somebody didn't get his daily dose of happy hymns!