11/07/2013 16:44 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Gillian Anderson, Connie Britton And Mindy Kaling: Three Reasons Why TV's Awesome Right Now

Can we all just stop for a second and talk about how awesome TV is at the moment? Holy moly, it's good. I'll admit it, I was a bit worried when Broadchurch ended ("how will I see Olivia Coleman every week now?" I fretted).

But it turns out it's totally fine because there are three other women in brilliant shows at the moment playing unbelievably excellent parts. Hurrah!

The trio of greatness are Gillian Anderson in The Fall, Connie Britton in Nashville and Mindy Kaling in The Mindy Project. Here's why I love them, can't stop watching them and want to be them when I grow up (or, like, right now).

gillian anderson

Gillian Anderson in The Fall
God, it actually aches how cool Anderson's DSI Stella Gibson is. The series started with her being transferred to Belfast to sort out the giant mess police have made trying to catch a serial killer. A seriously scary, disconcertingly hot serial killer who used to go out with Keira Knightley. But more on that some other time.

The thing that's beyond excellent about Anderson's character is that - even though she's hunting a murderer who's got a real thing for killing women and dolling them up like, well, dolls - you get the impression that when they do meet, he'll be the one that's screwed. Because she's not scared or distracted or even disturbed. She's just like, I'll get the job done. And it's so ass-kicking, you almost don't realise everyone in the periphery cast used to be in Hollyoaks.

But apart from all the career stuff, she's shagged everyone - even Assistant Chief Constable Jim Burns AKA Eric Cantona-esque! - and is totally fine with it in a semi-amused, fed-up, whevs way. After Jim Olsen (policemen she had a one-nighter with) got shot, people were all like,"why did he visit your hotel room?" And Gibson/Anderson replied coolly, with a you're-no-match-for-me tone, "sexual intercourse". Oh, Stella/Gillian, you're doing so much amazing work for the future of women on TV I could weep. And then buy you a massive gin.

connie britton

Connie Britton in Nashville
Britton's Rayna James makes country music seem like the most fun, best career ever. 1) She's got a huge band and they all answer to her. Even Deacon (her guitar player) who's completely in love with her. He's on HER payroll. Yeah. 2) She's all heart and still massively successful. Sure, Rayna's touring stadiums and making albums, but she's also got two daughters who totally want to be her when they grow up. She's a ball-breaker and could be your best friend. 3) She's got her own record label and gets to choose who the next big thing is. Wow.

But as well as touring and being completely empowered, Rayna is so gorgeous it's unreal. Not only would I die for her country music-ing, I'd die for her hair and her skinny jeans, which always fit perfectly. The character blows all those usual can't-have-it-all and certainly-can't-look-good stereotypes to hell and she's cool while doing it. Like I said, wow.

mindy kaling

Mindy Kaling in The Mindy Project
You know when people say things - in a negative way - like "she's a bit fond of herself" and "ooh, she's a bit confident" and "loves herself, that one" and you think subconsciously or whatever that being your own biggest fan is a bad thing? Well, that's all over friends thanks to Mindy Kaling. She called her own show The Mindy Project and it's all about her (sort of) - if ever there was a woman telling you to be proud of your amazing self, it's her.

And said show is a dream. Mindy is a real girl who can't really be arsed exercising and has man trouble, but get this - she's also a partner at a gynaecology firm and refuses to be screwed over by anyone. Yes, she's got this whole Ross/Rachel situation with Dr Castellano, but that's okay because they're on a level playing field. Both directors of the same firm, both educated and both equally able to dish out cutting one-liners.

She never tries to be the cool girl or the cutesy girl or the hot girl - the character is gloriously impossible to push into an archetype, plus she's smart, funny and has brilliant hair. Which are three of the main things I need from a woman on telly. Thanks Mindy.