11/07/2013 16:17 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Guess Who's Bagged Themselves A Bentley?

Which star has super casually been GIFTED a Bentley? We'll give you a clue, they're from Newcastle... Not enough? They're in a girl band... Still not enough? Oh alright then, it's only bloomin' Cheryl Cole. Yeah, random right?

cheryl cole bentley

The singer, who definitely has enough money to lease a Bentley, was given the £265,000 whip for free to drive in style between venues while on tour with Girl Aloud.

She took to Twitter to thank the luxury car company for her gift. "I have been so spoiled this tour!! Thank you @jbarclaybentley for my pressie!! #spoiledgirlaloud," she wrote.

cheryl cole bentley

Hold on one gosh darn second! If we remember correctly (which, of course, we do!) Chezza totes hated driving the Bentley her ex-hubby Ashley gave her for their first wedding anniversary.

"I'm not really into cars...but I took it [the Bentley] out for a drive," she explained in her recent book, Cheryl: My Story. "I pulled up at some traffic lights and there was an elderly man next to me in a tiny little Polo. He'd probably fought in the war, and there I was, swanking it up beside him in a Bentley.

"It just felt so wrong, and I wanted to hide my face. I drove straight home and told Ashley the car had to go."

So Chez, why the change of heart?