11/07/2013 19:57 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Heidi &Amp; Spencer Are Getting Their Own Reality Show - Here's How Speidi Became So Famous

So you didn't watch The Hills? All this Speidi CBB stuff must be baffling. Here's MyDaily's guide to Britain's new reality TV stars

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are famous for... Errmmm, among other things being an extremely irritating showbiz couple. The pair found their place in the spotlight way back in 2006 on MTV reality series The Hills.

heidi spencer reality show

The Hills wasn't Heidi's first telly appearance, however, she got her foot through the door a few years earlier when she befriended Lauren Conrad on the set of Laguna Beach (another MTV reality thingamabob).

Heidi and Spenni hit things off on The Hills' set and started dating. By the time series two rolled around the pair were shacked up proper, much to the dismay of Heidi's former BFF Lauren.

Then came the beef! So much beef, you wouldn't believe. Lauren hated Spencer, Spencer hated Lauren then Lauren hated Heidi and Heidi didn't understand why and then they all hated each other.

The trio publicly bashed each other, with Speidi somehow getting hold of LC's sex tape? Yeah, we're not sure about that one either.

Other than the cat-dog fight Heidi is MOST famous for her failed attempts to become a popstar and, of course, the below:

She looks like this...

heidi montag after surgery

She used to look like this...

heidi montag before surgery

Yup, mega plastic surgery, $30,000 worth in fact. It all started with a nose job and, in 2009, she underwent 10 surgical procedures in just one day, including liposuction on her thighs, a bum augmentation and a breast enlargement, as well as another nose job and chin reduction.

The pair got hitched shortly after all that surgery, and have since released a handy guide to the limelight called How To Be Famous - ta for that Speidi.

heidi and spencer get married

If you haven't cottoned on by now Heidi has a penchant for headline-making while Spencer, on the other hand, is mainly famous for living up to his surname, Pratt - enough said.

Get familiar with these two, we've got a feeling they'll be hanging around for a while.