Helena Christensen Naked: Supermodel Strips For Arty FutureClaw Magazine Shoot (NSFW PICTURES)

Helena Christensen may be 44, but the model has proved she's got the body of a woman half her age as she bared all for an arty new photoshoot.

In fact, we reckon the star could have reclaimed the title of 'best body in the world', which was previously handed to her by Gianni Versace.

She posed topless in one shot for FutureClaw magazine and without her underwear in another with only a ceramic swan to save her blushes. As you do.

Back in 2011, Helena opened up about how she keeps in such amazing shape.

She told The Telegraph: "I box twice a week when I'm at home in New York. When I'm away, I'll try some pathetic attempt to do 10 push-ups and lunges in my hotel room, but I have this wall I need to get over in my mind before I can work out."

She also admitted she has body hang ups like any other woman.

"It's not like I wake up in the mornings going, 'Oh, I'm so perfect, I don't need to do anything,'" she said.

"Every model I know in this business has had the same issues as every other woman, maybe more so. You can easily be made to feel self-conscious in this job."

After seeing these pics, she's certainly got no reason to be.