11/07/2013 16:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

How Not To Do A Kate Moss: MyDaily's Guide To Dressing For The In-Laws

Meeting your fella's parents is a big deal and planning your match day attire involves strategic wardrobe planning. MyDaily's Ellen Stewart and Daisy May Sitch - who've met no less than eight sets of 'rents between them - get down to the nitty gritty of dressing to please his ma and pa...

Even international supermodels are in danger of getting it oh-so wrong when dressing for the in-laws. Seriously, look no further than Kate Moss who was out and about with Jamie Hince's parents at the weekend. The ensemble? Fur coat, leopard-print trews AND Breton stripes - this is going way too heavy on the mis-match trend.


Meeting the parents for the first time (scrap that, ANY time) can be pretty nerve-wracking. Trying to rustle up a whole host of witty anecdotes that are both hilarious and brilliantly intelligent without coming across as, well, a douche is just the first hurdle when getting acquainted with his folks. BUT then you've actually got to put together a winning outfit.

The only saving grace us normal gals have is the simple fact our blokes' (not that either of us has one at the moment *sighs*) parents haven't seen us plastered across the side of a double decker bus completely starkers - so we've got the edge on Kate there.

Both of us girls have an acquired taste when it comes to fashion; while I (Daisy) have a slightly unhealthy penchant for wipeable pleather, I (Ellen) have blue hair. But, as parents don't dig blue hair OR wipe-clean tops, this can give the, er, wrong impression. However, trust us when we say we're seasoned experts on dressing to keep his parentals on side. All you need to remember are the following pointers:

Treat the meet and greet as if it were a job interview:
It may sound strong, but c'mon you're kinda interviewing to be your dude's future wifey (well, in his mum's eyes). We're not saying you should do a Hilary Clinton and power dress to the nines but a bit of sleek tailoring wouldn't go a miss.

Down-sized your handbag:
We're both mad for carrying our entire lives around in our oversized handbags, but we really don't want his folks to find out we carry a spare pair of knickers *Ellen raises hand* around with us wherever we go. Although, don't go too small and rock a clutch, unless, of course you're meeting the rents at a swanky black tie event. If you're anything like us that will be far from the case.

It's okay to wear sunglasses:
Unless of course it's hammering down outside, otherwise think Jackie O and don your fav pair of shades. They'll give you that added bit of confidence and block out unwanted rays if your nursing a corker of a hangover after drowning your pre-meet sorrows the night before.

Avoid fluoro:
Okay, so you want to look bright and beaming but rocking up in a lime green jumpsuit, playsuit, hell even a power two-piece suit is just too much. His Dad will hate it and as for his Mum - she'll NEVER forget it. It'll become that ongoing, in-family thing that starts "remember the time you dated that girl..." So if you really dig the guy, you gotta ditch the bold brights. That goes for any ghetto bling too.

Be real - don't totally scrap your signature style, just remember subtlety is KEY:
Feeling yourself is essential - wearing a floral, floaty maxi is a mega no,no if girly-girl is not your thing. Plus his mama will read straight through it. A girls gotta feel confident to channel her inner fabulousness.

Ensure that all tags/labels are out of sight:
Even if you plan on returning the blazer your probs won't ever wear again - make sure it's tucked discreetly away.

If you need any more help we've even collated this super handy (if we do say so ourselves) gallery of perfect parent pleasing pieces to see you through...