11/07/2013 16:44 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

How To Console Yourself Now That The One Direction Tour Is Through

It may feel like the END OF TIME for millions of super fans right now (the gloom? I totally noticed it on my morning commute) because yesterday marked the end of One Direction's Take Me Home tour.

After a hefty stint of sixteen sell-out shows across Europe the lads are taking time to max and relax. But before you howl into your 1D Tee - remember the boys will be touring Mexico City this summer AND 2014 will be all about their third tour, Where We Are. *Screams!*

one direction

Now to get you through this tough time - the interim between gigs by dem boys - here's a list of what you can do to console yourself. Directioners, you need some good ol' distracting.

1. The said 1D Tee needs to go. With a good wash and some time in your top drawer it'll be good as new for their summer shows/ a car boot sale.

2. This whole end of tour thing may feel like a break up so how about about a hair overhaul? New do, new (happy) you.

3. Avoid going stir tattoo cray like Mr Styles. Who needs ink when you've got dye? The tie dye trend is BIG so jump on the band wagon.

4. Mix it up - Directioners, I hear that you're super dedicated the cause BUT the festival agenda is pretty awesome this summer so try pitching up to the likes of Latitude, V Festival, Isle of Wight Festival, Wilderness (the list is endless!) for a dabble in new music talent. Plenty more boy bands in the crowd scene.

5. You totally know EVERY One Direction lyric so you need a new outlook, a new verse. The answer? Hip hop karaoke with your girls = the best night out EVER.

And if none of these things can lighten the mood, how about browsing 96 pictures of your have boys in pop? Ta da!