11/07/2013 15:15 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

How To: Get Street Style Photographed In Six Steps

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You wanna up your chances of getting photographed by a street style blogger? Of course you do (you just don't want to look like you do because that would be deeply uncool) which is why you're Googling "How to get street style photographed" in secret and then deleting your browser history like you've been watching dodgy adult content on your parents' computer.

Well, read on for the BEST tips on the subject of street style photographer-baiting compiled with help from fashion photographer extraordinaire Candice Lake and fashion blogging superstar Garance Dore:

1. Photographers are looking for individuality so pair your look with your personality.
Individuality is apparently key to the whole enterprise so just match your outer presentation with your rich inner loveliness. N.B. If you have a terrible personality this would be a good time to address that otherwise the accompanying outfit will be horrendous.

2. And don't try to be someone else.
"We can tell!" says Candice. MyDaily would like to add that we have a list of people we don't want you to try to be and at the top of that is Alexa Chung because it makes it SO FREAKING HARD to spot the actual Alexa Chung in a crowd. Seriously.

3. Accessories are prime street style bait.
Street style snappers are not immune to the allure of colours and shapes. "I love a girl with a hat or a bright red lip or colourful hair," says Candice. And Garance agrees: "The people that catch my eye tend to accumulate so much 'fashiony' stuff."

4. A little loitering is a good thing.
"It is a common joke, but if you linger in good light near a photographer - you have a good chance of getting photographed!" Note Candice's advice about good light, though. There's a fine line between loitering and lurking and it's entirely based around lighting quality.

5. Be on trend but not mindlessly so.
Photographers are looking for someone who interprets the current trends in a fresh and exciting way so stop sewing crap you picked up at the haberdashers onto your jacket for five minutes and at least glance at a fashion mag, will you? Garance notes of the fashionistas that light up her style radar: "They wear ten trends all in one at the same time. They catch my eye, but I do prefer it when people are more subtle with their style."

6. You might also luck in if you cater to the street styler's personal peccadilloes.
Candice has a weakness for... "backpacks. I love a girl with a backpack."


The photographers aren't judging you for wanted to get noticed. "I don't think it's a bad thing to dream of being shot or in a blog," soothes Garance!

So there you go - let us know if you get papped!

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