11/07/2013 19:58 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

In Defence Of The Reality TV Star: They've Gotta Hold On To What They've Got

Now magazine's released their reality telly rich list and while the rest of the UK is thinking 'how did these talentless no-hopers make millions?' MyDaily's Ellen Stewart is rushing to their defence

girls aloud

I know I'm opening myself up to a whole lot of vitriol by saying this, but if I could make a few bucks from 15 minutes of pants-showing, pardy-going, Big Brother disobeying fame – I totally would.

Now's reality TV rich list was full of surprises and even had me (a self-confessed CBB, BB, MIC and TOWIE addict) in a state of jaw-on-the-floor shock. Paul Potts has more doe than JLS? SuBo's worth £22-actual-million? Nadine Coyle's the poorest Girl Aloud?

Regarding the mega-earnings of reality telly's favourites, MyDaily readers have commented, "It seems you can make money from thin air," and, "[The] World's gone mad." If the planet is on its way to the insane asylum in a handcart, then that's one wagon I'm all up for jumping on the back of.

Why? You don't even have to be that talented or liked or on the reality rollercoaster for that long to walk away with a serious amount of cash.

Remember Same Difference? They finished third on 2008's X Factor behind Rhydian and that whatshisname bloke, Leon Jackson. And guess what? The brother and sister act - who for the record were devastatingly awful - have managed to make a million out of their short-lived fame. ONE MILLION POUNDS – just for being more annoying than anyone else ever.

same difference

I urge the next reality export to hold tight to their notoriety. In fact, cling for dear life because you just don't know how long you've got in the sun (and The, er, Sun). Look at Rylan Clark – one minute he was prancing around the X Factor stage, the next winning Celebrity Big Brother. But now he's struggling to fill a student union gig.

And this point we must acknowledge Francis Boulle – a man who knows how to make the most of a situation. For example, his current situation is being the bumbly one on Made In Chelsea and he's managed to make £10.1million out of it. Rylan should look to Francis in this, his hour of need. He should release an instructional book, go to loads of pardies and perhaps, start wearing a blazer.

But hats off to them all - to those who've held on to their record deals, whose telly show hasn't been cancelled and who've vanished into obscurity but STILL managed to make it on to the rich list. He may not be Simon Cowell, or Harry Styles or even Will Young, but do you think Gareth Gates is sobbing into his £6.5million? No, me neither.