11/07/2013 15:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Is Kate Middleton Savvier Than We Think?

We thought that the so-called Kate Middleton effect had Royal fans flocking to the shops to grab the latest Duchess-inspired garb, but perhaps not...

The designer who dressed Kate for a dinner at the world-renowned Claridge's last year, Roland Mouret, has revealed that his business didn't benefit as much as you'd think from copy Kates.

He noted: "The kind of people who like Kate's style are not the kind to rush out and copy her dress. You don't see hundreds of women running around looking like her. To be honest, we're more likely to get orders on a dress that Kim Kardashian's worn." Yup, it seems that KK is more likely to set shoppers into a frenzy that KM *sigh*.

kate middleton style

"She's [Kate] highly attuned to those details that will provoke a tabloid frenzy and above all, she does not want a tabloid frenzy," the French designer continued. '"She doesn't seem to feel the need to dress sexily to woo the world. She's dressing for William and herself."

Now we understand why the Duchess is so adamant on recycling outfits from the great fashion yonder, and why she even raids Mamma Middleton's wardrobe. It seems she's SO aware of making an understatement that she even requested that her cream Mouret gown was cut slightly looser than the sample size in attempt to avoid a Pippa-like bum fiasco.

kate middleton style

Roland isn't the only fashionista to cite the K-Middy anticlimax. CEO of Whistles (a brand that hangs proudly in Kates closet) Jane Sherpherdson was one of the first to kick the 'Kate Effect' to the curb.

K-Middy wore a cream blouse by Whistles for her official engagement portrait with Wills, and although the pic raised the brand's profile the sales impact was pretty insignificant - it probably didn't help that the shirt was over two years old.

"It raises profile, it's great, we get known in countries we're not known in. But it's not going to turn us into a success overnight because she wears it," Jane said. Well, we certainly weren't expecting that, were you?

Are you a copy Kate or are you so not bothered?

Either way, here's a peek at her perfect 10. What's your style verdict?