11/07/2013 20:00 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Is Lindsay Lohan Running Away To Dubai?

There's been talk on the Twittersphere that Lindsay Lohan is jetting off to Dubai. The red-headed actress, who was in court recently facing three counts of misdemeanor which were filed after a car crash last summer, has been fuelling gossip that she'll be heading UAE-side. So - what on earth will she be getting up to?

Team MyDaily has its theories...

lindsay lohan dubai

The child star-turned frequent rogue, took to Twitter at the weekend and hinted she may soon be on her way to the Emirates. Hot on her social media tail, OK Middle East replied to the Liz And Dick actress suggesting they get together and par-tay.

So what exactly is Li-Lo planning on getting up to on her trip to Dubai? Is it business or pleasure? Rumour has it that she may be in the UAE city pushing the Mr. Pink Ginseng Energy Drink she endorses, but we reckon she's running away for good (well, maybe).

Just think, she could rediscover herself and start a new. We're not sure how her usual antics would go down in the Arab nation so she'll have little choice but to change her ways. We can see her now, a model citizen, a reformed character, a throwback to her former sweet, smiling childhood self...

lindsay lohan dubai

Back in the US, Lindsay's judge, who previously sent her to jail, placed her under house arrest AND forced her to perform morgue clean-up duty in another case, has warned the actress she could face jail. With her court date set for 18 March, perhaps Li-Lo shouldn't disappear to Dubai after all. Yikes!

Which other celebs have got themselves in a spot of bother with the fuzz?