11/07/2013 14:58 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Is Miley Practicing For Her Wedding With This Train Dress?

miley cyrus liam hemsworth

Miley Cyrus was spotted out and about in Philadelphia with fiance Liam Hemsworth. This is noteworthy for two reasons.

The first is that Miley was not on her way to or from a Pilates class. We repeat: NOT A PILATES CLASS.

The second is that the affianced actress was wearing a white floral patterned dress with a train to walk along next to her husband-to-be Liam Hemsworth. Add in the Converse shoes and it was like we were watching the most chilled out bride of all time making her way down the aisle.

What do you think - conscious nod to her nuptuals or is she just wearing a slightly odd-looking dress?

miley cyrus liam hemsworth