11/07/2013 20:10 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Is That A Onesie Jessie J? Star Steps Out In White And Red Ensemble

We know Jessie J is a massive fan of the catsuit (ahem, who isn't?), but is THAT an actual onesie she's wearing? Before you start questioning whether there's any difference between a onesie and a catsuit stop right there because there certainly is! A catsuit is a skintight, glam rock sexy-ish all-in-one, whereas a onesie is essentially an adult-sized babygro.

jessie j onesie

The singer was spotted out and about in New York wearing what looks like a flowery red and white onesie.

There is something seriously wrong with this new 'I'm gonna wear my onesie in public' trend that's surfaced lately (we blame Louis Walsh). Don't get us wrong, perfect lazy Sundays in front of the telly, but outside, where the world can see, no way Jose, or should we say Jessie? Keep that shizzle indoors!

jessie j onesie

At least Jessie's getting into the spirit of Comic Relief, where she's set to shave all her hair off, and donning a whole lotta red. Even her sunnies are on board with Red Nose Day.

After that we need a reminder that Jessie does hit the style nail on the head, sometimes...