11/07/2013 20:11 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Katie Price Apologises For Posting Pic Of Kelly Brook's Naked Boob On Twitter

Lesson girls everywhere have learned from the Kelly Brook vs Katie Price spat: do NOT cross the latter.

Because she will post a picture of your naked boob on Twitter in a retaliation so vicious, you'll wish she'd just challenged you to a girl fight in the loo of a dodgy club.

katie price

To recap: Pricey called Brooky a "heifer" then Holly Willoughby intervened and called Pricey "stupid". Brooky also had a go back at Pricey calling her "rude" and "sad" so Pricey posted a pic of Brooky's 34E naked boob - taken five years ago on holiday in St Barts - on Twitter *women everywhere gasp collectively in horror*.

Katie has now apologised for the move on the social networking site admitting it was going a tad too far and that she's "really sorry".

It's good to repent when you've done a bad thing but if MyDaily was Kelly, we wouldn't be inviting Price round for tea and gossip any time soon - real friends keep naked boob pictures private forever.

And let's remind ourselves how awesome Kelly looks even with clothes on...