11/07/2013 19:01 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Lauren Bush Lauren Talks DKNY X Feed Collection, Gives Us An Insight Into Her Stylish Life

Fashion designer Lauren Bush Lauren, (wife of Ralph Lauren's son David and niece of former president George W. Bush) launched the Feed campaign with the United Nations World Food Programme back in 2007. This week she hit London to launch her latest Feed project - a collaboration with DKNY, which launched in Harrods today. We caught up with her to chat about the collection, the Olympics and her stylish life.


How did the collaboration with Feed and DKNY come about?
We met with DKNY a little over a year ago. DKNY makes very hip clothes for urban women, so we wanted that to be reflected in the collection. DKNY is such fun brand to collaborate with and we just wanted to make something that was very us and very them.

What can we expect from the collection itself?
There are three pieces and I love them all. One is a diaper bag and I'm not yet a mother so it's a little less applicable for me, but the city survival tote is very functional, it has lots of pockets and has room for an umbrella! The rainboots come in this little bag and fold-up too. It's very useful and functional - the theme of the whole collection.

As a designer, who or what do you look to for inspiration?
It depends, with this collaboration, it was us sitting down with the team and coming up with ideas that were reflective of both our brands. Mostly I think of what I would want to carry. My designs aren't girly, they're more rugged and utilitarian, practical and unique.

Who are your style icons?
Obviously, I'm kind of biased because he's in our family, but Ralph Lauren.

Is there one item of clothing you think every girl should own?
A Feed bag! Or a great pair of black pants and ballet flats are very useful.

Do you have a favourite fashion city?
Whenever I travel I find it very inspiring to be exposed to different shops and a different culture. Paris is so beautiful, with its quaint little shops, but I love London and I love Europe.

How would you describe your own style?
I'm pretty classic in the way I dress. I'm not very trendy. When I buy something it's something I want to wear for years and years, not just something to wear for a season.


Are you enjoying your time in London this week?
Yes, I can't believe the Olympics are starting! We're going to the opening ceremony and a few of the games. I can't wait!

DKNY x Feed collection is available in Harrods and DKNY stores from today.