11/07/2013 14:45 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Masterpiece Or Disasterpiece: Alexa Chung Gets Shirty (AGAIN) At Scottish Fashion Awards

Who: Alexa Chung

What: Ms Chung is a pioneer when it comes to the Peter Pan collar and the buttoned-up blouse, and we credit her with single-handedly brought these trends to the forefront of fashion. But we have a sneaking suspicion at her love of all things collared is verging on obsession. When she teamed her leather Christopher Kane dress with a crisp white shirt at the Met Gala we put it down to an 'experimental phase'. But Alexa came back for more last night when she paired another Christopher Kane dress (this time, a silver brocade number) with another white shirt. We've got nothing against white shirts, it's just we don't understand Alexa's desire to turn every unsuspecting cocktail dress into a pinafore.

Where: The Scottish Fashion Awards.

What do you think of Alexa's shirt fetish? Let us know below...

alexa chung

At the Met Gala look from last month:
alexa chung
Take a look at the gallery below to see who else attended the Scottish Fashion Awards:

And here's the full list of winners from last night:
Scottish Designer Of The Year - Christopher Kane
Scottish Young Designer of the Year - Hayley Scanlan
Scottish Textile Brand of the Year - Dashing Tweeds
Scottish Accessory Designer of the Year - William Chambers
Scottish Fashion Icon - Karen Gillan
Scottish Communicator of the Year - Faye McLeod
Scottish Model of the Year - Tali Lennox
Scotland's New Face - Kerry O'May
Scottish Fashion Innovator Brian Renni, Creative Managing Director of Basler
Scottish Retailer of the Year Shhh-Oohs (Luxury Shoe Retailer Edinburgh)
Scottish Graduate of the Year - Joanne McGillivary
Fashion Ambassador - Colin McDowell MBE (Author, fashion esteemed fashion journalist and founder of Fashion Fringe).
Scottish Hall of Fame 2012 - Stella Tennant
Scottish Fashion Photographer - Jonathan Daniel Pryce
International Designer of the Year (for use of a Scottish fabric) - Mulberry