11/07/2013 16:05 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

My Night With Harry Styles

Some people would give their left arm to meet One Direction's Harry Styles, luckily MyDaily's Celebrity Writer Ellen Stewart didn't have to part with any limbs to rub shoulders with Hazza...

Ermahgerd! I've had no sleep, I'm running on pure adrenalin and Berocca. And here's the scoop - last night I found myself sat in a private booth at uber cool Soho celebrity haunt The Box surrounded by the fash pack. "What was the occasion?" I hear you ask. Why, Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka was playing host to the Dominic Jones' afterparty, of course! Not only did I sip vodka cranberries with the Man Repeller herself, Leandra Medine, but I was also THAT girl who all Directioners want to be. Because I totally talked to, hugged and KISSED Harry Styles (on the cheek).

harry styles girlfriend

There was gossip going around that Harry and Nick Grimshaw were set to have a DJ-off and Rihanna had reserved table number five, but no one was sure whether any of them really would show. As I casually hung around next to the aforementioned table scanning the room, I doubted I was destined to meet the World's Most Eligible Floppy-Haired Bachelor. But then, I SAW HIM! Literally the second he entered the room. There he was, standing aglow in a fitted black tee and skinny jeans. I was too in awe to check out his shoes but I'm sure they were fabulous.

harry styles dominic jones

I watched the One Directioner like a weird fan girl hawk as he made his way to the jam-packed seating area in the middle of the club before I swooped in. Who am I kidding? There was no graceful swopping involved. I practically fell over myself to get near Harry.

The place was rammed and, panicking, I could see another vulture-like journalist making their way over to the 1D occupied area. "No," I thought. "This is MY 1D moment." So, I ducked and dived through the crowd as if I was Neo from The Matrix except in six inch heels, and launched myself over the back of Harry's sofa landing right next to him. After quickly adjusting my hair and checking my breath, I tapped Harry on the shoulder and croaked chirped, "Harry! How are you?"

harry styles dominic jones

He looked at me, all nonchalant-like and simply replied - as if randoms asking how he was doing is completely normal - "Hello. I'm good thanks. How are you?" At that point I fell on the floor and died. OK, well obviously I didn't, I somehow managed to keep my cool and successfully avoided getting lost in his hazel/green love pools, I mean eyes.

Anyway, we chatted about his designer pal Dominic Jones and he told me he'd spent the day with his sister Gemma, "Catching up on some family time." I discovered he was really psyched about 1D's upcoming American tour and especially about heading back to LA. Whatta shame he's not sticking around!

After a while I thought I should probably leave him alone now, so I kissed him goodbye on both cheeks (so fashion!) and told him to have a great night. Then I ran back to my table mouthing 'Oh my god' to everyone who made eye contact. Later on I saw him play fighting with designer Dominic and wished I could get in on that action.

To conclude, my new mission in life is to become the new Nick Grimshaw (who totally didn't show up BTW) and befriend Harry Styles. Wish me luck.