11/07/2013 18:36 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

My Top 6 Travel Tips

Before packing my suitcase, I have a mini runway show in my house, trying on the looks and choosing outfits in advance. This means I end up traveling lighter and I don't have that annoying moment of putting on the perfect dress and realising I don't have the right shoes for it.

Baby bottles are the way to go - BeachMint does an adorable and effective beauty travel set with everything I need for my skincare routine and I take Philosophy's Turbo Vitamin C Booster powder, which comes in a tiny apothecary bottle. When your skin needs an extra glow, I add a scoop of that to my night cream - it's genius.

Passports are so boring to look at, so I brighten mine up with a leather cover from my favorite British stationery company, Smythson. Oh, and I keep drinking water start-to-finish. Bobble makes a refillable bottle with an in-built filter, so after passing through security you can fill it up absolutely anywhere and your water will be clean to drink.

On the plane, I always freeze, so to keep warm and cosy I wear an oversized cashmere beanie made by my friend Madeleine Thompson, a velvet eyemask from Kitson, earplugs, and a cute little hot water bottle from Restoration Hardware, which I ask the air hostesses to fill up from the tea kettle. I'm pining after Jimmy Choo's bronze Regan wheelie case for hand-luggage but until I've saved enough pennies, I use a fab holdall I found in T J Maxx which is such an awesome treasure chest for designer bargains. Schlepping through the airport can be exhausting, so I keep my feet comfy in a pair of Sanuk sandals, the soles of which are made from super soft and squishy yoga mat material. Your top-half needs to be loose but still ladylike, so I wear my Rio striped maxi dress from my collection at HSN, and switch the colors up depending on my mood.

Once in my hotel, I light a travel candle from Scent is the strongest form of memory and for me, Japanese Quince is the homeliest and freshest of flavors. A drop of lavender on my pillow helps me sleep, and if I'm jetlagged and groggy in the morning, I spritz Caudelie Eau de Beaute on my face to wake up fast, pop a vitamin B12 and then add a scoop of Bodyism ** powder to my breakfast juice or milk. It's a natural protein-based powder full of superfoods, anti-oxidants and everything that could possibly keep you feeling fit, healthy and full of energy for the day.

On Location
On set, I keep warm in an oversized men's cable knit sweater from Banana Republic; there's nothing cosier than curling up in that when you've been wearing high heels and a fitted dress all day. On my Dell Ultrabook, I'll watch 30 Rock and Revenge (obsessed!) whenever we're waiting for lighting to set up, those shows keep me so happy in my downtime. And I've discovered solid perfume which is the best product ever for smelling sweet all day without carrying a heavy and fragile bottle everywhere. L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom comes in a pot like a lip balm, so I keep that in my pocket always.