11/07/2013 16:14 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Oh Dear! Nicki Minaj In Boobs Out Shocker

WARNING! If you don't want to see Nicki Minaj's boobs... it's too late, here they are.

nicki minaj boobs

The not-so shy popstar donned a pair of skin-tight leggings, nipple pasties and not much else as she took to the set of her new music video with French rapper Montana. The 30-year-old is clearly taking the side-boob trend to the next level and going all-boob, let's just hope it doesn't catch on.

nicki minaj boobs

We're not sure how Nicki plans to top this flesh-flashing music video unless she opts to go completely nekkid next time around.

Gosh, remember when Britney Spears' glittery catsuit a la Toxic was the raciest thing around? Those were the days.

If you want to (we strongly advise you don't) watch the whole super-duper rude vid, here it is, but be warned there's some serious booty popping, swearing that would make a sailor blush and, of course, more flesh than you can shake a stick at...

If you haven't seen enough of Nicki, here's a little more: