11/07/2013 16:08 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Oscars 2013: Where Have All The Fashion Disasters Gone?

The red carpet just isn't the same in the age of the stylist. As a whole heap of beautiful designer dresses were waltzed down the red carpet at the Oscars 2013, Team MyDaily waited for the frock shockers to make their dramatic entrance. Er, we're still waiting.

Where were the Bjork swan dresses and the Demi Moore spanx/curtain ensembles? We'll tell you where, in the dusty long-forgotten award season wardrobes of days gone by. Before someone was there to say, "Hey Cher, we know you're super famous and everything, but that dress looks a bit cobwebby and silly".

heidi klum oscars 2013

We can't quite believe that the most horrendous outfit offering came from Heidi Klum? She doesn't even look THAT bad, just very a little tasteless...

Anne Hathaway looked slightly worrying in her Prada dress, but it wasn't the dress' fault, it was Anne's for refusing to wear a bra! Did she not look in the mirror before she hit the red carpet? Is her stylist actually a frenemy a la Mean Girls in disguise?

anne hathaway oscars 2013

Another look that had us muttering 'meh' came in the form of Kristen Stewart. Again, the dress was alright, not exactly nice but not exactly terrible *snore*. The most show-stopping thing about this ensemble was the crutches...

kristen stewart oscars 2013

We think these girls would do well to sack their stylists and give going solo a go. Imagine how much better Anne would have probably looked if she didn't have a lady with a tape measure telling her, "See-through-ish pink is SO your colour." Unfortunately we doubt we'll live to see the day the celeb stylist is given the boot. We'll just have to look back at the Nineties with a melancholy smile. Ah, those were the days...