11/07/2013 16:10 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Ouch! Jake Bugg Says Nasty Things About One Direction

According to indie new boy Jake Bugg, One Direction can hardly even be considered a "band". Meow! Jake, who's no stranger to having a pop at Harry, Niall, Zayn etc., spoke out at the NME Awards saying, "They're there to look good. Music wise? I assume they don't really have a clue."

jake bugg one direction

According to The Mirror, when the Bugg was asked if he was pleased 1D was nominated for Worst Band, and Harry Styles nominated for Villain Of The Year (which he won BTW), he said, "I don't know how they can really be considered a band though to be honest. I'm not too sure. I think the more I play on it, it'll wind them up. Probably the ugliest one is the best singer. He might know a couple of chords." Oh dear, we wonder which one he's referring to.

Like we said, this isn't the first time Jake's had a go at the band. In a recent interview he went off into a bit of a 1D-bashing rant, calling for an end to One Direction/Beatles comparison.

one direction jake bugg

"People [call One Direction the new Beatles] because they broke America, but that don't mean a thing. I mean, [One Direction] must know that they're terrible," Jake told Shortlist magazine. "They must know... calling them the new rock stars is a ridiculous statement. And people should stop making it."

Unsurprisingly poor little 1D didn't take Jake's comments lightly, with Niall and Louis taking to Twitter to share their thoughts...

Ho ho, BUGGS, did you see what Niall did there? Louis was less discreet and actually @'d Jake.