11/07/2013 20:17 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Part Of Their Plan To Crack The US? The Saturdays Star As American Football Players For Heat Magazine

It seems girl band The Saturdays are dead set on cracking the US. The gals, who've been spending a hella lotta time Stateside recently and who are currently starring in their own American reality telly show Chasing The Saturdays, have taken their bid to break the land of the free to another level. See below...

the saturdays heat magazine

... Yup, they've dressed up all Americana for a shoot with Heat magazine and we have little to nothing to say on the matter, except what the fudge?

Una, Rochelle, Frankie, Vanessa and Mollie pulled on American football kits and posed for a confusing locker room pic, which left us thinking, why do Una and Frankie look so angry? Why is Vanessa applying lipstick? AND, as if Rochelle can actually spin that ball on the tip of her finger.

What do you make of the gals transformation from English (and Irish) roses to all American girls? Are they trying too hard? Does Robbie Williams spring to mind? Are we putting words in your mouth? Okay, okay we'll be quiet now..

the saturdays heat magazine

The full interview appears in this week's Heat, on sale now.