11/07/2013 20:04 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Prince Harry's Blondes Go To The Same Party! How To Navigate Being Hazza's Ex

#Awks. Prince Harry's 'current girlfriend'(?) Cressida Bonas and his ex Chelsy Davy apparently bumped into each other on Saturday at an exclusive shingdig at London's swanky Rum Kitchen. Hazza, who clearly has a thing for blondes, has been linked to dance student Cressida since he came home from Afghanistan and dated Chelsy (who's now seeing MP Tessa Jowell's son Matthew Mills, BTW) on and off for seven years.

We wonder how Chelsy handled the situation when she ended up in the same room as the new and improved version of herself?

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It must be pretty difficult being PH's ex. Here's why we really do feel for Chelsy...

1. She will never make Prince Harry well jel
No matter how many Crispins, Hugos, Quentins or Maximillions Chels shacks up with, she'll never ever make the Prince green with envy, like ever, because he'd be like, "And what, I'm Prince flippin Harry biatch."

2. He's a sucker for blondes
Every girl Harry dates from now on will pretty much be another version of Chelsy leading to her constantly asking the question, "What was wrong with me?"

3. She's too posh to get in a girl fight
Even if Chels totally wants to claw the eyes out of Cressida's head she can't. Moving in THAT set full of polished aristocracy means a scrap in the ladies loos is well and truly out of the question - she's just too well brought up. Shame.

4. No matter what she goes on to achieve she will forever be branded Harry's ex
Let's face it, Chelsy may as well have "Prince Harry woz ere" tattooed to her forehead. No matter whether she goes on to achieve world peace, become a sexier TV chef than Nigella or make £1billion she will FOREVER be Prince Harry's ex girlfriend. And she's got to bear that cross for the rest of her life.