11/07/2013 20:16 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

REALLY?! Reunited Atomic Kitten To Launch Three New Fragrances (So You Can Smell Like Kerry Katona)

BREAKING NEWS KLAXON! Atomic Kitten are officially back together, recording new muzak and... launching signature fragrances. Eh?

We kid you not, the girls are set to release three individual perfumes off the back of the hit ITV2 show The Big Reunion. Mmmm, just imagine, eau de our Kerrah.

atomic kitten fragrance

Band member Natasha Hamilton told The Sun, "We have got a perfume deal - we are going to be releasing our own Atomic Kitten fragrance. It's going to be three different smells to represent the three of us.

"Fans will get the three in one packet. We went to the company's offices and created our fragrances."

It's not just smelly stuff the gals are working on either. "There is definitely going to be a single and there will be an album, hopefully," Tash told the tabloid. "I think this time around I am bursting with enthusiasm, which is probably getting on the girls' nerves a bit!"

So come one, tell us, will you be splashing on Kerry Katona and co's signature scents?