11/07/2013 20:01 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Rihanna Backs Chris Brown In Court Hearing (While Blowing Him Kisses)

Ok, so it's official - they are back together. But just when you thought Rihanna and Chris Brown's relationship couldn't get any stranger – the courtside schmoozing on Christmas day, the endless Instagrams, the Stay single cover – alas there's more.

RiRi appeared in court with Brown this week for a hearing around allegations that he failed to complete his community service. Yes, that old penalty the justice system dished out because he beat her up.


It gets stranger too because, not only did they pitch up together, but reportedly she blew him kisses from the back of the courtroom. Gag.

They sure are pulling out all the stops with the whole we're-really-back-together thing, but will this romance last? Who knows.


What we do know is that RiRi has a whole lot of style, take a look through her evolution from way back when: