11/07/2013 20:26 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Ryan Gosling Vs Bradley Cooper: Who'd Be Better On A Date?

So, Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper are BOTH in The Place Beyond The Pines. That's pretty exciting casting, no?

When it comes to leading men, they're a formidable combo - funny (The Hangover), romantic (The Notebook/ Valentine's Day), action-ish (Limitless/ Drive), deep (Blue Valentine/ Silver Linings Playbook) and abs-tastic (Crazy Stupid Love - okay, that's just Gosling, but come on - that scene is crazy stupid awesome).

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So, here at MyDaily HQ we started to ponder, if you had to pick one to have dinner with, which one would it be? Tough decision - we know.

To save you the trouble of analysing their potential dating prowess, we've imagined every part of the hypothetical best night of your life so you don't have to. But who comes out on top? Read on...

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Gosling: He picks you up - wearing the sharpest gear - and escorts you to your destination. He's on time and smelling spectacular, plus he opens the car door for you and looks sexy while driving.
Cooper: You arrange your own transport, but Bradley's already waiting at the bar for you - bourbon/whisky in hand - looking terrifying attractive. You fall over in a swoony fashion when you first see him, but he understands because it happens all the time.

Gosling: He doesn't drink opting instead for a "seltzer", whatever that actually is. His priority is making sure you have a nice time and finding out who you really are. Like, REALLY. Mimicking his behaviour, you order a small white wine with soda and feel terribly grown-up to be on a first date and not getting hammered.
Cooper: He orders for you. Something devilish with a kick so potent you want to drink it for the rest of your life. Then he makes fun of your dress in a very charming way and insists your reservation be pushed back so you can have another round.

Gosling: By this point, you're madly in love with Ryan. He's giving you so much attention, it's impossible to avoid imagining what it would be like having that attention FOREVER. Because of this, you order something restrained and sophisticated. That's got a foamy bit as the garnish. He has lobster and expertly cracks the claws while maintaining eye contact and conversation. He matches the wine to your food perfectly and you drink water as well as booze to keep level-headed. You're so in tune with each other, it's effing, jeffing crazy.
Cooper: By this point, you and Bradley are completely leathered and having all the LOLZ. You stumble into the dining room of the restaurant and collapse at your table. Conversation is ridiculous - you are both the funniest people in the world. Defences down and feeling more comfortable with Bradley than you do with your own father, you go ahead and order a burger. He won't mind if you eat glorified McDonald's! Bradley orders a steak so rare the chef probably just whispered "cooker" at it as a waiter whizzed it out the kitchen. You find this handsome and daring.

Gosling: Pays.
Cooper: You've both no idea how the cheque was settled.

Gosling: He drives you home, walks you to your door and gives you the best kiss in the world ever. You almost die mid-snog. Then he looks at you tenderly and says he had a wonderful night. You float inside, air punch and call your mother to tell her you're getting married.
Cooper: You go to a bar! And then a club! And then the hotel lobby! And then the after party! It's just like R Kelly said in "Remix To Ignition"! There's drinks, shots, dancing and maybe even strippers. You literally have the most fun night of your life but sadly don't remember half of it. Waking up the morning you reach for Bradley, but he's gone. Long gone, leaving you with nothing but a fuzzy head and a tiger in your room (not really silly, that's just a film).

Gosling! But we'd like to be best friends with Bradley, if that's okay.

To celebrate let's flick through a whole gallery of Ryan Gosling. Sigh...

The Place Beyond The Pines is out now.