11/07/2013 15:58 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Rylan, Stephen Fry And Henry Holland: Fashion Priest Meets Amy Childs

Fashion Priest's biggest guilty pleasure? His complete love of ex-TOWIE star Amy Childs. So, obviously he was at the launch of her latest collection...

My impromptu fashion sermon is about never judging a bible by its pleather cover.

amy childs

MyDaily called during my weekly Wah! sesh insisting I write a piece on the tempestuous love child of celebrity and fashion, as I am clearly the only one with the right couture credentials. To get my style juices flowing I needed macaroons with a side of Issey Miyake and a dash of Chanel.

As I finished off my vegan, gluten-free afternoon tea at Sketch, my saintly senses reminded me that Amy 'vajazzle' Childs had her fourth (?!) clothing collection preview in one of my old haunts around the corner. Should I stay or should I go sayeth the style Lord (me)? The TOWIE crowd are serial style killers I hear you cry from below the pulpit, but like Lacroix prints, Amy Childs is one's guilty pleasure. Except I don't feel guilty about it.

Only recently unbarred from the Millenial Hotel (don't ask) I floated through the door with my style bible on hand

To my surprise, there was "no vajazzle only" door policy but inside there were enough extensions to make Lady Gaga her next hair dress. Amy was all air kisses and grabbed me by the collar to drag me through her frock stock. With dress names like Pippa, Eliza, Georgia, Lizzy and Aliesha, I felt like we were going through a rundown of baby names for 2012. But hold judgment! There was not a onesie in sight (praise Jesus!) and the 'Jemima' had a classic sheer halter neck top with high collar, and was, well, on trend! With the 'Harper' dress she gaveth, and she taketh away. The heavenly high leather waistband was blasphemed with an impious peplum (it is OVER people!).

Next I was thrust a filter coffee (no Monmouth? No single malt?!) and dragged down for an ear full of Childs' fashphemy's, confashions and trendspirations.

Miss 'well jel' bumped into Henry Holland recently. When asked if there was anything she liked of his at the moment she replied: "He had this blazer on, bright pink and he looked amazing in it. I said my Harry would love that." She's got her sights on a collab with HH, if not with Dame Vivienne of Westwood. That I would sell my sartorial soul to see!

Forget tacktastic Lipsy (Lauren Goodger and Chloe Simms' horrid haunt) her mood right now is the nude Louboutin, because "...well, I'm chic".

Any other gems? She swore her dog Prince is the "Mark Wright of dogs" and that Stephen Fry would look "well reem" with a paraffin wax pedicure and a-lift.

She also had some final fashion thoughts for her "shattap" apostles: Def wear tiaras on your wedding day, but not "for any night out at Sugar Hut". Crocs, feather pieces and jeggings are a disaster. Amen to that.

As a final thought for you, when asked who would play her life in a Hollywood production, she replied "Rylan". Quite.