11/07/2013 15:58 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Side Boob: Is It Ever Ok?

After a certain celebrity side boob sighting at Diet Coke's 30th birthday bash (I'll name no names), I feel like we have to ask - is this ever a good look?

Obviously guys think it's sexy, but boob nakedness - particularly that of the under or side variety - always feels a little smutty to me. Also, has anyone actually pulled this off without it looking like an accidental flop? Eww.


So why are celebs giving side boob the thumbs up? Personally, I think it's so they can do legs and breasts at the same time - it's like there's a stylist somewhere trying to make this the new, chic cleavage. But here's the truth: on most people it looks a bit sad and half-hearted. "Oh look, this is the side of my actual boob." Yawn. If you're going to be sexy, be properly, siren-style sexy. I'd rather see a proper cleavage.

Sure, the no-bra thing can pass if your blessed with pert pair that make even the white tee and jeans combo work, think girl-next-door sexy - very Jennifer Aniston.

But for most, support and fitting is everything. The bra was 100 years old this week - and there's a reason for that.

And to prove it, here's exactly why a sister should strap up because these celebs are hanging out in all the wrong ways. Eek, put those puppies away: