11/07/2013 19:59 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

SPLIT! It's All Over For Kelly Brook And Thom Evans, So Who Should She Date Next?

Sad face! Kelly Brook and Thom Evans have split up. The reason? Reportedly the rugby player, 28, wants to relocate to America to launch his acting career plus is fed-up with his 33-year-old girlfriend seeing her ex Danny Cipriani.

And so, after two years, one of the most beautiful couples in the UK (their faces are astoundingly symmetrical) have called time on their romance.

kelly brook thom evans

Which leaves one question - who should Kelly date next? Just in case those rumours about rugby ace Danny are false, we've lined up five potential suitors who would be perfect as the model's next sweetheart...

gerard butler

1. Gerard Butler: Okay, so yes, this 43-year-old is a bit of a player but he's extremely charming and makes best friends everywhere he goes (seriously, EVERYWHERE. When he was making Corialanus he even managed to make Ralph Fiennes his BFF - who would have seen that coming?). So, that means he's fun, friendly, successful, charming and handsome i.e., perfect for Kelly.

danny odonaghue

2. Danny O'Donoghue: Ah, Danny from The Script, with his lovely voice and model face and tendency to jump on his chair during The Voice. He's lived in LA too, just like Kelly, but now lives here, just like Kelly, and he's worked on a BBC1 talent contest, just like Kelly. Plus, wouldn't they look super pretty together?

louis smith

3. Louis Smith: Kelly clearly likes sportsmen but as her relationships with both Thom and Danny haven't gone the distance, perhaps ditching rugby boys and going for a a new type of athletic chap is the way forward? Maybe an Olympian? Cue Louis Smith - medal-winner, fellow former Strictly contestant and owner of extremely fashionable hair.

olly murs

4. Olly Murs: After a few high profile break-ups, wouldn't if be nice is Kelly had someone who just wanted to dance with her tonight? Like Olly, for example. He'd be incredibly sweet, and she'd get to go backstage at X Factor. Winner.

chace crawford

5. Chace Crawford: So Chace kind of looks like a My Little Pony, but he likes British girls (admitted to crushing on Cheryl Cole) and she likes American boys (remember Billy Zane?) The pair together would be so insanely beautiful that looking directly at them would be like gazing into the sun. And we want to experience that, don't you?

Let's take a look at Kelly's style evolution over the years - looking like this, she won't be single for long...