11/07/2013 19:22 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Taylor Momsen Wears Giant's Feet To Hong Kong Airport

taylor momsen

Wondering what Taylor Momsen is up to at the moment?

We weren't really either but we were vaguely hoping that the "panda eyes and bleach blonde hair" had fallen by the wayside. Mostly because it reminds us of our teenage forays into the world of midnight black lipstick, crushed velvet miniskirts and thinking Courtney Love was the bees knees. The latter because Twitter didn't exist at the time so we got a very edited version of the things coming out of her brain.

Apparently the eye makeup and hair business are here to stay - as evidenced by the pictures of the former Gossip Girl actress arriving at Hong Kong International Airport. BUT there are some shoes of monster proportions that aren't of the perspex stripper variety (remember that?) to add to the mix which is nice.

A change is as good as a rest and all that.