11/07/2013 14:35 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Law Of Attraction

For some time now I have been interested the Law of Attraction. For those not familiar with the theory and its teachings, it's the idea that 'like attracts like' and that by focusing on either positive or negative thoughts you will get a either a positive or negative result. If you channel your thoughts, and focus on your desire then that will become a reality - be it health, wealth or even happiness. I suppose in many ways it just boils down to some intensive positive thinking - but in the seven years that I have been studying - reading literature on the subject and attending seminars - its seems to have worked for me. When I want good things to come my way with work for example, I'll focus on what I want to achieve (a 'manifestation' they call it) and by sending out positive vibrations my goal, I hope, will be achieved.

Now I'm well aware that there are those out there who will raise an eyebrow at such a thing - not least my husband Danny. Although he's always been quite open minded about most things and puts up with most of what he probably sees as my 'fads' (for aside from the Law of Attraction I am interested in both the spiritual and the mystical) he is quite pragmatic about life. If you want money you work hard for it, he argues, and the same goes for happiness, health and career success.

We'd been talking about what we both wanted from life on a long walk in the country last week. With the kids at school we found ourselves in one of those rare moments when we could actually have a conversation together, alone - one where we could both hear each other speak. As the conversation inevitably turned towards money as it always seems to do these days as we face these austere times with a household of children and animals to care for, I suggested that maybe me should take the moment to manifest our thoughts and desires together. "Lets think of all the things we'd like to enrich our lives," I suggested. He looked at me rather sceptically.

"Oh come on, Danny, you never know it might just work, particularly if we are both channelling the same thought together."

He agreed but only on the condition that I took the lead.

"So, what is it you want for us?"

"A large country house with lots of land. One that had a swimming pool or maybe a tennis court even. And space for the children to have a pony..."

He looked at me as though I had gone mad. "But we have a perfectly nice house here in the country as it is. I love it, the kids love it and even if we had the money for a bigger house, I'd never want to move. As for pool when would we use it? It's always raining!"

As we trundled through the mud and the clouds blackened I had to concede that he had a point.
"Okay. Maybe, we should aim for something smaller - like a holiday. We haven't been away for years. I'm going to focus on winter break - all us spending Christmas together in the Caribbean."

"Are you mad? The kids hate going away for Christmas -they like it here at home. We'd have to pack all there presents. The cost of six flights anyway would be extortionate - let alone of thinking about all that time in nightmare airports. And Frankie and I get rashes every time we go into the sun!"

"Danny it's just a game!" I said crossly. "But how on earth are you supposed to vibrate anything in, when you are blocking it before we even start?"

So much for the Law of Attraction then, and I think in future I shall have to manifest on my own. But from now on - as they say- I'll be careful as to what I wish for, as I'd hate to give him a rash.