The Pros And Cons Of Wearing A Bum Bag

The Pros And Cons Of Wearing A Bum Bag

Are bum bags about to make a comeback? With the Nineties revival in full swing, MyDaily gets to grips with the reality of wearing one and tries to decide whether we love or loathe them...

Everyone is obsessed with old skool (yes, that's how it's spelled) right now and as much as we love dressing like our childhood selves, there's some trends we're in two minds about.

In fashion, there really is a fine line between love and hate, and what better example than the jelly shoe? When those babies made a shocking resurgence we were all like, "Eeeww really?" and now, now we can't get enough. The same applies to tie-dye, frilly socks and acid wash jeans.

So, with bum bags looking ever more likely to be the next style stop aboard the retro bus, we've been weighing up the pros and cons of investing in AND wearing a *puts on American accent* fanny pack.

Pro: they're the perfect festival essential

Cross-body bags are the usual carrier of choice when it comes to festival fashion. With one of those you can flail about like a maniac without worrying about keeping a handbag securely in place under the arm. However, the bum bag goes one step further and eliminates the fear of having all your stuff pinched. It's pretty likely you'd notice if a little festie tea leaf tried to unzip a bag strapped to your front.

Con: you risk looking like a rambler

If you decide to don a bum bag you must, repeat, MUST make sure not to go overboard and team said bum bag with an anorak or a hiking boots... Or walking stick... Or a map... Or *shudders* a cagoule.

Pro: they're the ultimate hands-free accessory

You can never have enough hands free. Especially when trying to use the self-service check-out at the supermarket, while tweeting, mid-phone call with your mother and holding your boyfriend's hand. Think how much easier that scenario would be if you had a bum bag?

Con: you will probably resemble a Mr Motivator impersonator

It's a sad fact but it's true. However, if you can get over other people constantly making reference to your stint as a fitness instructor on GMTV, then you should be fine. A thick skin is needed for this one. Or a healthy admiration of Mr M's style.

Pro: they enable easy access to all your handbag essentials

Gone will be the days of rooting tirelessly around your over-sized arm candy for that teeny tiny pot of Vaseline if you invest in a fanny pack. Plus there's no need to carry a big ol' purse around with you because, essentially, a bum bag is a purse except it has a handy adjustable strap. Hurrah!

Now we've collated all our thoughts it seems we're actually fans of the bum bag, who'd have thought it? Even though the likelihood of looking like a try-hard hipster, part of granny's walking society and/or Mr Motivator is pretty, er, likely we reckon it's time to buckle up and embrace this rather practical trend.


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