11/07/2013 20:37 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Spice Girls Are Well And Truly Over (Sob)

Goodbye my friend. I know you're going searching although I can still feel ya here. It's not the end. Well, it is actually. The Spice Girls are totes over... for good *weeps uncontrollably into a dog-eared copy of Smash Hits magazine*.

Five became four when Victoria Beckham bailed out of the gals' 2014 proposed shows - and now The Spice Girls World Tour 2014 has been axed altogether.

spice girls

The decision to throw in the towel was reached during a conference call between LA-based Mel B and fellow bandmates Mel C, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell.

The four of 'em agreed that with no Posh, ticket sales and merchandising would struggle to get off the ground. "Led by Geri, the girls had been plotting a world tour as a four-piece band, culminating in a final night at Wembley Stadium," a source told The Mirror.

spice girls

"The three other girls had been initially up for it but once they started having meetings they realised the capital wasn't there.

"They also feared a general apathy from the public if Posh wasn't in the fray, leading to dates not selling out.

"Victoria's obviously a big pull when it comes to the fans and she also guarantees press coverage."

The news comes as the girls' West End show Viva Forever! isn't to be, er, forever as the musical written by Jennifer Saunders closes next month.