11/07/2013 18:57 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

WATCH: Madonna Turn Up The Radio In Heels And Hotpants

Thoughts on Madonna's Turn Up The Radio music video:

1. If you aren't up for some media attention probably best to be avoiding convertibles with the windows down while you're wearing your Look At Me hotpants and boobs combo.

2. Why are video intros to songs always so LONG nowadays? In our day they got straight to the point AND there was a dance routine.

3. Madonna is picking guys up off the street by offering them cash. Aren't there laws against that sort of thing?

4. Are there also not some road laws that prevent you from hanging off the back of a moving vehicle?

5. And EVEN if there aren't you still shouldn't be doing it with your legs akimbo.

6. There appears to be some dude dressed as a pimp, wearing a sofa throw and carrying a hookah (not to be confused with a hooker).

7. At least one of the faux hookers is dressed like Beyonce in the Crazy In Love video.

8. Why are three catalogue models having a business meeting under a tree on a deserted country road?

9. The chauffeur could definitely sue for sexual harassment.


11. If we had to choose between a ride on the back of Madonna's car of ill repute and Rebecca Black's friend's Fridaymobile we would choose the Fridaymobile EVERY TIME.