11/07/2013 15:45 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

What Do Kate Middleton, One Direction, Gangnam Style And Hurricane Sandy Have In Common?

So, what do you reckon Kate Middleton, One Direction, Gangnam Style and Hurricane Sandy have in common?

Why they all feature in Google's top searches of 2012 of course!

kate middleton

A pregnant kate Middleton came second to Whitney Huston in the most searched for people of the year, followed by Amanda Todd.

gangnam style

Gangnam Style also came second to the late Whitney Huston in the overall search trend category.

one direction

Boy band One Direction topped the most searched for images, followed by Selena Gomez and the iPhone 5.

hurricane sandy

Hurricane Sandy was the most searched for event of the year, with 'Kate Middleton picture release' coming in second and the Olympics 2012 in third.

Of course Team MyDaily is using this as an excuse to look at pics of Kate and Wills...