11/07/2013 20:37 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

When Harry Met... Prince Harry Just Hanging Out With Michelle Obama On Day One Of His US Tour

It's when Harry met Shelly (are we allowed to refer to Mrs Obama as Shelly? Let's go with yes) all over again!

So, Prince Harry is officially Stateside and while we're still hoping he'll get up to at least three out of the five things Team MyDaily suggested we're pretty psyched he hung out with the First Lady herself, Michelle Obama. Why? Because the following photos now exist...

prince harry meets michelle obama

Oh, just look at Harry and his kinda bemused but no less smouldering face. And Michelle - Michelle looks so darn happy to have THE most eligible bachelor in world in her company we can't even be jealous.

prince harry meets michelle obama

Gosh, they're having a bloomin' great time aren't they. Hmmm we wonder how we can wangle and invite to one of these official events.

prince harry meets michelle obama

Haz was in Washington on Thursday to attend an event at the White House honouring military families from the US and the UK. We hope he found time to meet the oficial White House dog, Bo, with whom we are a little obsessed with.

While we wait for more pic of the Prince to roll in from his American tour let's check out a whole heap of snaps of Harry from the beginning...