11/07/2013 20:03 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Why Kate Middleton SHOULD Be On The UK's 100 Most Powerful Women List

So, guess what? Kate Middleton isn't among the UK's 100 most powerful women, according to Radio 4's Woman's Hour. SHOCK HORROR! Upon discovering this travesty Team MyDaily set out to prove the programme wrong and illustrate exactly why the Duchess Of Cambridge deserves a spot on that list...

kate middleton womens hour list

Women's Hour has just put together its first ever power list and K-Middy totes failed to make the grade.
Tory MP Eve Pollard, who was involved in the decision-making, said, "Inevitably not everyone will agree with the 100 we have chosen. There are some omissions. For example, we had long debates about the Duchess of Cambridge. Is she influential? Hugely. Is she powerful? Not yet.

"What this list does is shine a light on those sectors where too few women are getting to the top, like politics, FTSE companies, the military and journalism. Our legacy, we hope, is that this list might change that." However, granny-in-law aka the Queen came top with Home Secretary Theresa May, Santander boss Ana Botin, Supreme Court judge Baroness Brenda Hale and businesswoman Elisabeth Murdoch joining HM in the top five.

Ermahgerd! Last thing we heard Kate was THE most powerful woman out there. Come on, she's one half of the second most famous couple in the world (first being Beyonce and Jay-Z, of course). She has pretty much single-handedly kept the high street in business with her unwavering love for Whistles, Reiss and LK Bennett. Also, let's not forget she decides what the future heir to the throne will be called. Imagine, little Prince Derek or Princess Tulisa...

kate middleton womens hour list

Wake up and smell the coffee Women's Hour, haven't you noticed the web going mental every single time Kate steps out? The "what's she wearing?" and "has she got a new hairdo?" buzz is pretty hard to drown out.

What's your verdict? Should the future Queen of England have been featured on the list? Oh, and by the way JK Rowling is on it, most probably because of her power over the world of wizardry. But what command does she have over us mere muggles? *Sheepishly puts wand back in drawer*.