11/07/2013 19:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Would Carrie Bradshaw Be Caught Dead In These? AnnaSohpia Robb Sports Ugg Boots

Who? AnnaSophia Robb

What? Team MyDaily is starting to worry a little about the potentially Sex And The City-ruining upcoming series The Carrie Diaries. We've seen a bunch of on-set pictures, and we have to say we're not too happy about the wardrobe. AnnaSophia Robb aka Carrie 2.0 oft looks like she'd be more at home on the set of Ugly Betty with all those clashing patterns and brighter-than-bright colours. Then again, it's meant to be the 80s...

Where? New York

annasophia robb ugg boots

Verdict? We doubt Carrie Bradshaw proper would be seen dead in that super-long parker jacket let alone those Ugg boots. However, credit where credit's due, we are loving the cute pineapple badge and specs print ra-ra skirt.

For a bit of light relief here are our SATC girls the way we so fondly remember them...