15/07/2013 17:36 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Abstract Art At Akris Autumn/Winter 2012

WHO: Albert Kriemler for Akris

akris Photo: Getty Images

IN A NUTSHELL: Albert Kriemler gave a nod to expressionist artist Franz Kline this Autumn/Winter. "A suggestion of space, dynamics of a structure, passionate action, verticals, movement and always an association with architecture", were the words Kriemler used to sum up Kline's paintings and these were the qualities we saw throughout his minimalist yet vibrant collection.

BEG, BORROW OR STEAL: The collarless, cashmere coats with leather panelling were the ultimate, streamlined chic pieces, a contrast to the cropped, sleeveless parkas with high, pointy collars. There were rectangular, Kline inspired prints on tailored suits while the shimmering, velvet dresses ticked the movement boxed. Thigh-high, fitted boots with curved heels completed every look - impossible to walk in, but the perfect balance of structure and style.

VERDICT: You have to applaud Kriemler. His translation of Kline's abstract work into a subtle, relaxed and wearable collection was spot on. A rich colour palette of burnt orange, bottle green and purple on luxe fabrics only added to the case that art and style go hand in hand for Autumn/Winter.

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