15/07/2013 13:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

All Aboard! The Louis Vuitton Express Arrives At Paris Fashion Week

WHO? Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton

All aboard! The Louis Vuitton express arrives at Paris Fashion Week Photo: Getty

IN A NUTSHELL: This season, the invites to the Louis Vuitton show were leather luggage labels - so we suspected that this collection might have something to do with travel. But what we didn't guess is that Marc Jacobs would instal a full-scale steam engine right in the middle of the Louvre. This was a celebration of travel's romantic past; a world before budget airlines and excess luggage charges.

BEG, BORROW OR STEAL: We loved the ladylike bold patterned trousers and skirt suits, both of which were slim cut and finishing a couple of inches north of the ankle. The ornate brooch-like buttons and bejewelled dresses and skirts also got our vote. In a severe case of fashion jinx, the silhouettes and gem embellishments were evocative of Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel show yesterday. Jacobs is clearly have a millinery moment and followed up the the insane Stephen Jones headwear at his mainline show in New York with exaggerated cloche hats that teetered on models' heads.

F-ROW: SJP (wearing a 'brave' white lace top 'n' black bra combo), Kanye, Natalia Vodianova and, er, Abbey Clancy...

VERDICT: On Friday an exhibition celebrating both Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton will open its doors at Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris. This collection served to highlight the achievements of both men: the latter for his romanticism of travel and timeless approach to design, the former for his taste for the theatrical and his innate understanding of what women want to wear.

Take a look at more outfits from the Louis Vuitton collection below: