15/07/2013 12:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Fashion Graduate? Here's How To Get Your Designs Noticed

Are you a fashion student? If the answer's yes, you're probably frantically creating your graduate collection.

It will be seen, catwalked and could be the catalyst that leads to your initial success as a fully-fledged designer. No pressure then...


Lux Fix features and retails the work of new designers and co-founder Rebecca Glenapp, pictured below, offered advice to graduate designers, plus revealed what makes her sign them up to be part of Lux Fix.

Figure out how to make people fall in love with your designs online
"People can't touch or try on your clothes before buying them when you're a digital retailer, so you have to find a way to tell the story of your collection in another way. How you can explain your work is one of the first things I look at - it's what I love about Hussein Chalayan. The guys who work with him really understand you have to tell a story and that's what customers buy into."

Right now Lux Fix is interested in...
"Knitwear, because it never goes out of fashion. Interestingly, resort wear tends to be very popular and shoes always do well. We've just started working with Kat Maconie which is very exciting."

rebecca glenapp

Social media makes a difference
"It's very important to have a social media presence or a website. If you're already sending out a message about what your brand is, we have something we can start working with immediately. Plus, it shows us your brand works online.

You don't have to spend a fortune
We understand graduate designers don't have huge budgets and we don't expect flashy websites. Even the biggest brands have Instagram accounts now and those can really show who you are as a designer. They're very intimate and that's what resonates with people who love fashion.

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