15/07/2013 15:09 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Graduate Fashion 2013: London College Of Fashion BA Show

The breadth of talent at London College of Fashion's graduate catwalk show was wowing from the start - these 49 students are more than ready to go guns blazing into the industry.

Clearly on the cusp of great things are Saskia Dixie and Basma Masri who showcased womenswear mixing chiffon and gauzy textiles, layered corsets over t-shirts and ballet shoes worn inside strappy heels. It was ultra-feminine with a contemporary edge.

graduate fashion show

Then there was Valentina La Porta whose womenswear collection focused on oversized boxy shapes and asymmetric pencil skirts. For elegant girls with attitude.

graduate fashion show 2013

Other names to note? Surface Textiles student Victoria Rowley for her penis prints (yes really), Brogan Toyn and Zoe Sterling for their spin on menswear made for fellas exactly like those who strutted down the catwalk in their pieces: flash, fabulous and a smidge over-the-top. Think streetwear style - bombers, bandannas, furs, metallics AND socks with slip-on glitter flipflops.

graduate fashion show

Pam Hogg rounded up the show to present the Collection of the Year Award to menswear design student Alexis Housdan. A worthy win for a line that blurred gender boundaries by bringing embellished lace, chiffon and feathers together with masculine tailoring and heavy footwear.

Take a look through ALL the pics from all the student degree collections. Go full screen for maximum effect.