Over 50 And Want To Find Romance? Then Go On Holiday...

Senior man carrying his wife on the beach
Senior man carrying his wife on the beach

A new trend among the over 50s is emerging - finding romance on holiday. New research from Staysure has revealed that a fifth of people would be more likely to have a holiday romance now rather than when they were younger, and that one in 10 have admitted to having a holiday romance.

Having a successful holiday romance however also depends on where you go. Over 60% of people had a dalliance overseas, and the most popular choice of partner was another British person. Only 25% of people who'd had a fling abroad said it was with a person from the local vicinity.

Top 5 Countries For An Amorous Clinch:

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Greece
  • France
  • US/Caribbean

The main reason for engaging in a holiday romance, it was found, was because of a lack of inhibition.

Ryan Howsam, Chief Executive at Staysure, commented: “The conversations we have with our customers on a daily basis tell us that the ‘coach trips to the south coast’ stereotype of over 50s holidays is long gone. As well as engaging in more daring activities like bungee jumping, scuba diving and trekking, our new research finds romance is increasingly on the cards for these adventurous holidaymakers.

"As ever we want people to enjoy and have fun on their holiday, but recommend that all holidaymakers err on the side of caution and take extra care when meeting new people and spending time with them. Their own personal safety should be the number one priority.”

However, it seems that with age also comes discretion - very few are willing to boast about it. Over 61% said they wouldn't tell anyone back home.