16/07/2013 10:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Fashion Priest Vs Adrian Alicea's Jock Strap-Adjacent Catwalk Creation

adrian alicea

In addition to attention-seeking attendees, fashion week shows have their fair share of attention-seeking designers. One which caught our eye in particular was the Adrian Alicea Spring/Summer 2013 collection. We were less than convinced but Fashion Priest fell head-over-heels:

"GAGG-ING. Totes love everything about this look and about this photo in general. Starting from the top, I'm dying for the not-so-subtle nod to Saint Bowie. The statement jewels are chunky and obnoxious, in a totes fierce way. I absolutely must own one of these jock-strap-jacket creations. Can you imagine this with a floor length cassock? Less sold on the peep-toe plats, they look a little too Next cataloguey for me but here, they work.

"Can I also give a shout out to the near-nude, blue-haired model in the claw shoes? Someone give this man a sainthood."