Helen Flanagan Accused Of Targeting Scott Sinclair Love Rival On Twitter and Instagram

Helen Flanagan has been accused of using Twitter and Instagram to target the woman who her ex-boyfriend Scott Sinclair sent flirty sex texts to behind the former 'Corrie' star's back.

Donatella Panayiotou has told The Sun of how she is 'freaked out' by Helen's behaviour, after she posted a series of weird updates copying her love rival.

Helen Flanagan

The 'coincidental' updates started when Donatella tweeted that she was going to Wireless Festival, with Helen soon posting: “Who’s going to Wireless think I might show my face.”

Then the TV presenter posted a picture of her freshly painted nails, the 'I'm A Celebrity' star tweeted: "I love my new nails”.

When Donatella - whose Instagram name is Peach - announced she was in London, Helen soon revealed that she was too, and in a final blow she then posted a picture of herself biting into a peach.

Donatella Panayiotou

Talking about Helen's odd behaviour, Donatella told The Sun she was feeling "very uncomfortable".

“This whole thing is just getting weird and ridiculous. It’s like I’m being stalked or something," she said.

“I am sorry what she has been through with her boyfriend cheating on her by wanting me for sex, but that has got nothing to do with me. I never gave Scott what he wanted. I wish Helen well.”

Last week, Donatella wrote an open letter in Now magazine, telling Helen she'd done the right thing by dumping Scott.

"I know it must be hard to hear, Helen, but you've done the right thing leaving him. If he was my man, I wouldn't trust him at all," she wrote.

Helen Flanagan

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