17/07/2013 11:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Helena Christensen Gets Naked For Arty Magazine *Yawns*

Sad face. Helena Christensen - the thinking model's model - has got her bum out. And her boobs. For an arty magazine *yawns*.

Why oh why aren't models ever allowed to keep their clothes on when doing this kind of thing? It's a possibility we've reached saturation point in terms of nude arty shoots.

This year we've already seen Cara Delevingne strip off for Love, i-D and Kate Moss was shot having a sexy bath also for Love.

But the thing with this shoot is that the nakedness makes no sense. "Oh look, here I am pulling up my skirt while standing next to lots of clever books. Now I'm wearing just a bra and holding a swan ornament if front of my lala. Wait! Look, now all my clothes are gone and I'm tugging my own ponytail!"

The shoot is for FutureClaw magazine (sidenote, what is a future claw?) and in fairness, Christensen looks beyond amazing. She's still got - as Gianni Versace once said - the "best body in the world".

But would it kill arty magazines to do a shoot with clothes? The only thing that makes this different from a lads' mag spread is the fact the subject is in her forties. And the weird swan prop.

Anyway, take a flick through the shoot and tell us what you think...